Prepare students for future STEM careers

Use design thinking, 3D printing and laser printers to turn your ideas into reality.
We teach students and educators how to use advanced tools to solve real-world engineering challenges during after-school programs and summer camps.  Build a custom project and take it home

Design Make Invent

3D Design - 3D Printing - Laser Printing


STEM Summer Camps


Laser Cutter in operation

Prepare students for future STEM careers by learning how to use 3D printers and laser printers

Use design thinking and collaborative problem solving to build solutions to real-world engineering problems

Build a customized projects students take home at the end of class. 

Single-day and full-week camps available.

Empower next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and engineers

3D CAD drawing of parabolic arch bridge which is built from cardboard during Making STEM engineering workshop


Hands-on STEM Assemblies for Schools

Engage students in a hands-on engineering challenge which is aligned to NGSS engineering and design standards

Increase student performance by applying engineering context to academic subjects and develops students ability to use authentic problem solving.

Engage students in hands-on, immersive, learning experiences, and use design thinking and creativity to turn their ideas to reality.

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"Your Imagination, Your Motivation, Your Innovation, YOUR CREATION"

- Dre - Age 15

"MakingSTEM challenges you to test the abilities you didn't know you had"

- Renae - Age 13

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