Found and CEO of Making STEM - Kevin Hardin

Kevin Hardin

Founder / CEO

Making STEM Mission

To empower the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and engineers, through hands-on learning experiences



Seven years experience as a mechanical design engineer. Certified Solidworks professional and competitent in all major CAD packages.

3D Printing

Professional and educational experience using 3D printing.  3D printing allows students to see their designs come to life

Laser Printing

Laser cutters are a versatile tool capable of etching and cutting a wide variety of materials.  Easy and safe to use, they are a great resource for both students and teachers 

CNC Mill

CNC mills such as a shopbot are a robust tool capable of building large projects such as chairs and tables.  


Robotic ankle made by BIOM

Engineering Experience:

After graduating from Ohio University with a degree in mechanical engineering, I put the fundamentals of engineering into practice as a mechanical design engineer in Cleveland Ohio.  Working with advanced aerospace and medical customers, I helped design custom solutions to complex problems. Modeling and creating components for the space shuttle thrust control system, pushed creative and technical abilities.   Partnering with iWalk to design a power-assisted robotic ankle gave the first taste of designing products to help others.

Education Experience:

Earned a Master's in Education from John Carroll University through the Woodrow Wilson Scholarship program.  Taught design and engineering at MC2 STEM high school, in Cleveland Ohio, a public high-needs school.  Helped students use design thinking and problem solving to identify problems in the community and build real solutions, for real people, to have a real impact.  Used 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machining, to build projects to donate to local charities, such as the women's crisis center, and the local farmers market.

Sketch of DSLR camera used for STEM photography program

Digital Artist:

Shared a passion for digital photography and videography with students to document their learning story.  Students use photography to document their projects and capture classroom success.  Published 17,000 pictures, with over a million views, of students using advanced manufacturing to make an impact in the community.  Students used pictures to analyze and improve their learning, and share their learning story with friends, family, and the community.