Makerspace logo made with tools like wrench scissors and gears

Designing a Makerspace – Student Project

Makerspace logo made with tools like wrench scissors and gears

Students create their own makerspace while learning about equipment and safety expectations. Before students are ready to start using tools in a STEM classroom or makerspace it is important they understand the following questions.

  • What is a makerspace
  • What are the key tools and equipment
  • What are the safety expectations
  • What type of projects can be made

In this student-centered mini-project, students research these questions while developing their own makerspace with a logo, safety procedures, and example projects.  Working in teams, they will create a presentation sharing their makerspace and project ideas.  Safety procedures from different groups can be combined to make a class set of rules and expectations to keep all students safe.

Project Overview:

Teacher Presentation – Designing a Makerspace

During this projects students will need to research and create the following items.  This will help them better understand, what is a makerspace, and the rules and expectations.  Use the presentation to help explain the purpose and requirements of this project.

  • Create a name and logo for their makerspace
  • Research and list key tools and supplies
  • Develop safety expectations and consequences
  • Sketch ideas for examples projects

Student Worksheet:

Student Worksheet – Designing a Makerspace

Working in teams students will divide the project into sections and research makerspaces and projects. The following worksheet will help explain project details.  Combine the safety procedures from different groups to form a classroom set of rules and expectations.  Example projects from students can used to help guide curriculum throughout the year.

Example Projects:

Students at MC2 STEM in Cleveland completed this project and presented the results to their peers. Some project ideas will be used later in the year and the rules were adapted into a class wide set.  See examples below to help you get started.



Safety Contract

Safety rules and expectations from each group can be combined to for a class set of safety procedures.  Use the Safety Contract Guide to learn more about how to implement a safety contract in your classroom






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