Learning Stories

Document your learning story using photography and videography during Making STEM engineering workshops. Share projects with friends, family, and the community. Sign up today to start your learning adventure.

Students construct bridge during MakingSTEM engineering workshop

Fundamentals of CAD – Part 1

Computer Aided Design Students learn the fundamentals of computer aided design and manufacturing so they can be prepared for the ...
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3D block with hole in center drawn using Onshape

Learning 3D CAD – The First Step

Learning the fundamentals of CAD will prepare you for the future of digital design and manufacturing. Designing in 3 dimensions ...
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Student drawing in CAD

Fundamentals of CAD

Fundamentals of CAD Learning the fundamentals of CAD (Computer Aided Design) prepares students for the future of design and manufacturing ...
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Box Construction – Engineering Mentorship

Accurately measuring, marking, and cutting, serves as the foundation for engineering and making. Learning these fundamental skills is critical to ...
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Concrete planter with succulent made during engineering mentorship program

Concrete Planters – Engineering Mentorship

Jonathan kicked off the Making STEM engineering mentorship program, by designing and building concrete planters. Concrete is a fundamental building ...
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Student building cardboard parabolic bridge puzzle at Making STEM booth

STEAM Maker Fest

Student successfully completing the Parabolic Bridge Challenge Students from all over San Diego gathered at STEAM Maker Fest to get ...
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Girl poses under the parabolic bridge she built

STEM in Your Back Yard – Clairmont

Hands-on Engineering Challenges Students and parents visited Madison High School in Clairemont to learn more about STEM activities and programs ...
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Proud student looking at cardboard parabolic bridge they built

MakerPlace Open House

MakerPlace Open House A dream workshop you wish you had Making STEM Photography Document you learning and share your learning ...
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Completed garden designed and built by students at MC2 STEM

Community Garden Project

Students share their learning story as they designed and build gardens to act as living laboratories to study the interconnectedness ...
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Safety Contract

Safety should always be the highest priority in any STEM classroom or makerspace. ¬†Developing a “Culture of Safety”¬†within your space ...
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