Proud student looking at cardboard parabolic bridge they built

MakerPlace Open House

MakerPlace Open House

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Learning Story

Students and parents came to visit MakerPlace to learn about the amazing tools available and learn more about engineering programs available through Making STEM.  Learners of all ages built structures and bridges to turn their ideas into reality.

MakerPlace is a public maker studio in San Diego that gives access to advanced manufacturing tools to build anything you can dream up.  They have a great set of tools which include a full wood shop, metal fabrication tools as well as advanced tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC routers.  Members are able to use the equipment to turn their ideas into reality.

Making STEM Engineering tools

Parents and students who visited during the open house were the first to test out the new engineering tools available during Making STEM workshops.  This is an example of a parabolic bridge puzzle that requires teamwork and authentic problem solving to complete.

Mother and daughter picture inside arch of cardboard parabolic bridge


After completing their challenge of building a prototype of a bridge using Constructix students were taught how to use the DSLR camera to document their learning.  They can use these pictures to share their learning story with friends and family.

Bridge prototype using Making STEM engineering building tools


Even young learners are able to use the engineering tools to construct interesting towers and structures


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