STEM in Your Back Yard – Clairmont

Hands-on Engineering Challenges

Students and parents visited Madison High School in Clairemont to learn more about STEM activities and programs in the San Diego area.  Students were challenged to use the Making STEM engineering kits to build bridges and use design thinking to revise their designs.

Making STEM Photography

Students use photography to document their learning and share their engineering successes.  Check out the full album to see all the pictures from this event.

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Making STEM Learning Story

The students from the Madison High School Robotics team were the first to test out the Parabolic Cardboard Bridge Challenge.  The first objective was to construct the bridge, using only one hand each. This forced the students to work together as a team, using creativity, collaboration, and their heads… literally.  .

After constructing the bridge, the next challenge was to use 6 additional rubber bands to connect the bridge together so that it could be lifted off the table.  They did a great job analyzing the design and completing the challenge.

High school students test parabolic bridge construction

The next group of young engineers to tackle the Parabolic Bridge used problem solving to improve their design.  They did a fantastic job brainstorming solutions and sharing ideas with one another.  Brainstorming, collaborating, and flexible thinking are critical real-world engineering skills developed during Making STEM workshops and after-school programs.

Girls complete the parabolic bridge challenge

Making STEM engineering workshops are great for parents and students to learn together.

Mother and daughter work together to complete parabolic bridge puzzle Girl poses under the parabolic bridge she built

Even the youngest learners can use Making STEM learning tools to help turn their ideas into reality. After being given a few instructions this young learner was able to connect the pieces to build a small tower before running off to play.

Young child building with wooden building tool

Students built a geometric hexagon sculpture using Constructix

Geometric hexagon sculpture built from Constructix


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